James Asher – Nine Leaf Clover

Unexpected good fortune happens sometimes in such a way it has a dazzling quality. Whatever we believe to be auspicious and well aspected action patterns bear little comparison to when the wheel of fortune beneficently decides to show its kindest face, without any particular invocation or forewarning.

This sunnier turn of events certainly sometimes more than compensates for when conversely we cannot believe what a struggle some days can prove to be. Nine Leaf Clover seeks to depict the mood and feeling of a happy outcome arriving out of the blue. Alternating hammered dulcimer and tin whistle share musical dialogue against a jaunty 125 bpm groove and fretless bass and percussion, with optimism free flowing in its melodies.

With so much potentially suspending the natural flow for all of us these past 18 months, the uplifting interventions of fate assume all the greater impact, significance and resultingly appreciation.

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